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Show Notes:

Cramping Arm Grab Video



The Lab Performance:

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Freshh Performance to Like That by Memphis Bleek

Things we see in this performance 1- AT the 7 sec mark , they used a knee slide to change formations! The knee slide is a good ground move.


How to do a knee slide:


2- Right after that at the 8 sec mark until about 10sec they do a cool trick! He steps into the hands of his partner and puts the other leg over the head!


3- At the 22 sec mark they do the step and slide glide! or the Slide step How to do the slide step: Step and Slide Song:


4- From the 42 sec mark to the 47 sec mark they do some cool tutting formations and moves! Basic tutting combo tutorial:


Other notes: Lots of great footwork in this dance and double time bounce movement! Also great tumbling tricks and i love the ending of laying down! Always looking for great ways to end a dance!

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