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Break That Bat Song

Posted on August 10, 2017

Hey dance teachers! Here is a new song for your mini hip hop class called break that bat!

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This episode i share with you some of my go to teachers of hip hop dance history!





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Links: Here are some of my go to's for history. I try to stick with a lot of the OG'z because they have a lot of info!

1- Mr Wiggles- here is a link to his website but also check out his YouTube page as well


2- Anything you see with Boogaloo Sam -


3- The Electric Boogaloos -


4- BBoy Vincanity has some great before hip hop videos!


5. And Pop Master Fabel has great Info!


6- Also if you haven't seen Hip Hop evolution on Netflix it has a lot of important info! It talks about the music and the culture but also show how dance was a major part!


7- Davey D has great info as well!

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