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Episode #104 "Keone And Mari World Of Dance Breakdown" The Mr Chris Hip Hop Podcast Teacher Training

Posted on May 26, 2018


This episode we take a look at a great performance by Keone and Mari and break down the moves!

Show Notes: Keone and Mari Breakdown

1- At the 1:28 mark they did a cool two person vibe where keone jumps over her head without touching the shoulders!

2- At the 1:35 mark they did a cool little twist o flex move to the back leading with the legs body then head!

Twist-o-Flex tutorial:

3- At the 1:37 mark they do a corkscrew go down, then put the leg up on top of the knee did a little choreo put the leg down then spun up!

How to do the corkscrew spin down:

4- finally at the 1:42 mark they do a cool Puppet leg collapse into a head turn into a one arm wave!