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Happy Father's Day!!!

Posted on June 17, 2018
I had to post this just to say thank you to all of our awesome dance dads out there who support us in this dance journey! Here is a great father daughter hip hop dance to make you smile this father's day!!

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This episode i interview University Of Alabama Student Chandler Brown, We talk about growing up dancing , class structure and much more!

For choreo bookings contact Chandler at: Twitter: @chanbrown98

Insta: @chanbrown98

Email: Facebook: Chandler Brown

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Breakdown of moves
1- At the 37 sec mark they did the trust fall
2- At the 41 sec mark they did the b-boy ground spins
3- At the 1:34 sec mark they did a two person trick, one rolled under and the other did a nike freeze up top 4- Final pose at the 1:48 mark, freeze forearm down, power are up, one foot on the floor and the other in the air!

Get ready! World of dance season two is back on May 29th with lots of great new acts. Let's gooooo! This is going to be amazing! i can't wait to get into the podcast as well with weekly technique breakdown's of all the hip hop dances! Take a look!

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