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Christopher Zondaflex Tyler: News

S- Rank performance to it's Goin Down on World Of Dance - October 11, 2018

The Lab Work It Performance - October 4, 2018

The Lab Interview - September 28, 2018

World Of Dance 2018 B-Dash and Konkrete - August 23, 2018

World Of Dance 2018 - The Lab - August 23, 2018

S- Rank Performance! - August 19, 2018

S-Rank Rehearsal Footage On FYIA!!! - August 19, 2018

Move Of The Week "The Toe Jam" - August 19, 2018

The Lab On World Of Dance - August 11, 2018

Wild Of Dance Duels Performance Sean and Kaycee Rice - August 7, 2018

Grimey by TroyBoi - August 7, 2018

Freshh killed it week 5 World Of Dance! - July 1, 2018


i loved this group! So much energy and so clean! Check out my full break down in the blog! Podcast episode 105!

World of Dance 2018 - Derek Hough's Urban Master Class (Digital Exclusive) - June 19, 2018

Keone and Mari join Derek Hough for a lesson in musicality. Master this lesson and many more by purchasing the World of Dance Master Class.

Join the Master Class at

Elektro Botz Teach A Tutting Pattern On World Of Dance! - June 17, 2018



This is one of my favorite groups ever! The Elektro Botz killed World of dance and they are here to teach us a tutting pattern! Check this video out!!


Happy Father's Day!!! - June 17, 2018




daddy_daughter_2.jpgI had to post this just to send out a big thank you to all of my dance dad's out there! You love us, you guide us, you support us and you dance with us! We love you! Here is a little father daughter dance to make you smile this father's day!

Support the podcast on my Patreon page - May 26, 2018

Hey guys! Here is a link to my new Patreon Page! If you would like to support the mr Chris Hip Hop Podcast with any amount click the link below! Thanks so much!!

Become a Patron!

Bruno Mars Finesse Remix School Assembly Dance - March 20, 2018

The Cyrus SYTYCD Audition - March 20, 2018

Episode #23 "Your Face, Your Body Language, Your Commitment" The M.I.E Motivational Podcast - March 19, 2018

Episode #96 " How To Be A Better Battler" The Mr Chris Hip Hop Podcast Teacher Training - February 17, 2018


Episode #95 " The Finesse Old School Breakdown" Mr Chris Hip Hop Podcast Teacher Training - January 24, 2018


Episode #20 " Don't Look Back" The M.I.E Motivational Podcast - January 16, 2018

Episode #94 " Step Up" The Mr Chris Hip Hop Podcast Teacher Training - January 16, 2018

Episode #19 " What To Do When You See Payoff" The M.I.E Motivational Podcast - January 7, 2018

Episode #18 " What We Learn From Grinding" The M.I.E Motivational Podcast - January 3, 2018

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