Mr. Chris "Zondaflex" Tyler's Hip-Hop Album For Kids Volume 1 is GREAT! It teaches kids the basic fundamentals of hip-hop that EVERY hip-hop dancer should have or needs. We have fundamentals in Tap, Jazz, and Ballet, but over the years the basic foundation for hip-hop has been lost in the studios and Zonda's bringing it back to educate the next generation of dancers.   Having taught dance for the past 10 years, I've never come across something so fun and so easy for kids to pick up. To let some of you instructors and choreographers out there know...JUMP is taking over Freeze Dance! Whether you're a new choreographer just starting out or an experienced touring master class choreographer you'll LOVE IT! I can't wait for Volume 2! Spencer Ralston -National and International Hip-Hop Choreographer   ” - Spencer Ralston

— National and International Hip-Hop Choreographer

Donna and Zoe Hemontolor   Just wanted to let you know how much fun we had with you at the Predators game ! My daughter loves the CD, you are just totally awesome and we appreciate you very much !!!! ”

— Donna and Zoe Hemontolor

You sir...are amazing! I am a dance teacher and have been struggling with hip hop for the past couple years. You have inspired me and I intended to buy all of your hip hop "songs" on Itunes. Thank you so much for helping me learn how to teach kids hip hop. I can't wait to get into the studio next week and show the kids these awesome dances! They are going to love them! Thanks again :)”

— DjDj Dana

Why I love it: Mr. Chris is back with a fun Hip Hop Halloween song your kids are sure to love! For any of my readers that are elementary/Jr.High teachers this would be a great song to use for a Halloween Line Dance in your physical education classes . The steps could also be modified for preschool aged kids (definitely one I will be pulling out at J'Adore Dance!). Again Mr.Chris takes the Hip Hop beats your kids love but writes lyrical content that is kid/parent friendly (and not too scary!).  Hosting a Halloween Party? Throw this one on, get everyone in a circle and one at a time let the kids go in the middle to show off their best dance moves!”

— Jessica

Why I love it: I love ALL of Christopher "Zondaflex" Tyler's kid friendly Hip Hop. A hip hop instructor and music producer, he has created fantastic music specifically for teaching younger and older children Hip Hop dance. All the lyrics are designed to teach kids how to do the dance routines. He understands how to create music that keep kids feeling cool, but parents and teachers comfortable with the content.  I am super excited to do a modified version of the dance below with my Fit Hop Totz classes at J'Adore Dance this session!”

— Jessica Griffin

Hi Mr. Chris!I just want to say I love your videos,music & choreography! I teach hip hop at several elementary schools for after-school dance programs. I am always looking for new,creative and fun stuff the kids will like. I can't wait to use some of your music & moves at my next classes! Thanks so much and keep them coming! :)~Brooke Wing”

— Brooke Wing

Hi , My name is MissB. I teach dance fit to grades k, 1. I love your channel and the work you do for the kids your raps are awesome! Thank you for sharing”

— Miss B

thank you thank you thank you for creating hip hop that is appropriate for kids!!!! A much needed genre for our generation!! LOVE the catfish dance by the way!! thank you!”

— Youtube Comment

Mr. Chris, Thank you for creating hip hop music for children!! My daughter is taking classes at Broadway Arts Center in Jefferson, GA and is having a blast. When she was a baby, she would watch America's Best Dance Crew with me and try doing the moves at a young age. I knew about hip hop dancing, but not to the extent the show had. Now she has the opportunity to learn hip hop, along with ballet, jazz and tap. Thank you again, for having music available for the kids to dance to!!! Jen Nagel”